Welcome to the Canadian National Goldpanners Association homepage, dedicated to the history and sport of Gold panning in Canada.

It all started in Barkerville B.C. At the end of the 1999 goldpanning competition season a meeting was held by a group of people. They believed that the fun and fellowship that we were having could be shared more effectively by forming an association. It could help make the art and sport of goldpanning more visible to everyone. These people felt a strong connection to the places where placer miners struggled and in some cases succeeded. They treasured the local history and the uniqueness of the goldpanning experience. The Canadian National Goldpanners Association was formed.

The Canadian National Goldpanners Association is organized to promote the heritage of gold panning in Canada. The founding directors were Clare Hewson, Elton Geary, Scott Rae, Dave Coupland, Marty Yanishewski and Rod Walker.

Our Vision is that all people will learn about and appreciate the role that gold panning played in Canadian history. That people will strive to protect and pass on this valuable heritage to future generations.

Our Mission is to assist organizations and individuals in promoting goldpanning by making visible the role that gold panning played in the history of Canada.

Our Goal is to collect and disseminate information and resources by correlating the efforts of goldpanning organizations across Canada.

We hope this website will keep you informed about events being planned, events that are happening today, and the results of past events.

Last updated Mar 9, 2018
Any help or suggestions are welcome, please call,
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